Sunday, August 15, 2010

Next Meeting - Tuesday, August 17th

The word is getting out about our meetings.  We now have people who come in from the IE, and a bunch are coming over from Ventura.  The Freedom Cigar Club is going to need to expand, or, at the very least, start having some other meetings.

We meet at 6pm at 
XO Fine Cigars in Woodland Hills.  The price of the meeting is $10.  Also, you must buy one cigar from the shop.  Do NOT bring your cigars from home.  If you do, leave them in your car.  Need directions?  The map is here.

We're still looking for other places that we could hold meetings.  Bring some ideas, along with addresses and phone numbers so we can check them out or talk to the owner.

Last month I talked about the need for more participation on running the day to day activities.  Well, now we really need it.  Website, facebook page, email lists and much much more all need attention.  Talk to Tony if you want to get involved.

Finally, do you have pictures of past events?  Make sure we get them so we can put them on the site.

Don't forget to RSVP!  See you on the 17th!

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  1. The owner and main worker are both strong conservatives. (

    On Sunset Boulevard across from the Viper Room.